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My journey in the world of crafts

I discovered woodworking in 2002, in France, in traditional carpentry.

After my apprenticeship, I moved to the Compagnons to continue to develop my knowledge in the construction of wooden houses and to travel around the country.

After many years on the frames anda few months laterWhen I arrived in Quebec, I decided to get into cabinetmaking. I wanted to develop my skills the same way I learned carpentry, the traditional way. In order to design and manufacture solid wood furniture that is robust, stylish and ecological both in manufacturing and in the finishes used. Traditional work also makes it possible to offer achievements thatrespect the technical aspects linked to wood, particularly in these movements in order to ensure achievements that will stand the test of time. 

Ecology in myway working is an important part of my business. The choice of local woods is always prioritized. My manufacturing process uses hand tools as much as machines, even more, to reduce my impact onthe environmentbut also to obtain high quality work, more quickly than with machines that are notnecessarilyprofitable on small production runs.

Today I created Lost Art Furniture to offer my customers high quality furniture but also to share with them a piece of my passion for woodworking and its art. 

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